2017 Men’s Basketball

The Schedule for the stake tournament is posted below. We have games on Tues/Fri, starting this Friday, March 3rd.

We will have a double elimination stake tournament at the end of the season. The top 6 teams will qualify.

To qualify for the stake tournament, teams earn Tournament Team Points via wins, good sportsmanship and by contributing to the stake program by providing game officials as scheduled below.

Obviously if all teams practice good sportsmanship and contribute to the stake sports program by providing game officials each week, then qualifying will come down to each team’s win/loss record.

Teams can earn up to 6 Team Points per game:

Competition points:

2 = Win
1 = Loss
0 = Forfeit

Sportsmanship points:

2 = Good Sportsmanship
1 = Corrected sportsmanship incidents
0 = Poor sportsmanship

Contribution points:

2 = Two game officials provided
1 = One game official provided
-2 = Zero game officials provided 

*Please note the change of losing points for not providing refs this year.

PLAYERS: Please be on time; if a team does not have at least 4 players ready to play by 5 minutes after the game time posted here, a forfeit will be declared.

OFFICIALS: Please check in to the table at least 5 minutes prior to the listed game time.

HOME TEAM: You provide the game ball.

COACHES: Please note that a completed Roster Form must be submitted prior to the first game played.

The signatures on the roster form also serve as medical releases, therefore players cannot play until they have signed the team’s roster form.

Men's Tournament Schedule

Friday, March 3rd7:00 pmMen's game 19th Ward (L)vs3rd Ward (W)
8:00 pmMen's game 21st Ward (W)vs8B Ward (L)
Tuesday, March 7th6:00 pmMen's game 32/7th Ward (W)vs3rd Ward (L)
7:00 pmMen's game 41st Ward (W)vs6th Ward (L)
8:00 pmMen's game 58B Ward (L)vs3rd Ward (W)
9:00 pmMen's game 69th Ward (W)vs6th Ward (L)
Friday, March 10th6:00 pmMen's game 72/7th Ward (W)vs1st Ward (L)
7:30 pmMen's game 83rd Ward (L)vs9th Ward (W)
9:00 pmMen's game 91st Ward (L)vs9th Ward (W)
Tuesday, March 14th7:00 pmMen's game 102/7th Wardvs9th Ward
8:30 pmMen's game 11
*If needed


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