Game Officials (Referees)

First of all, THANK YOU. There may be times when you will not feel especially appreciated for your service in church sports, but trust me, we are so grateful you stepped up to help out. 

There is a special room in the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom for those who serve as game officials. 😉

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to tip off. Check in at “the table” at mid court so we know you are here. At that time it will be decided who will “ref” and who will do the score sheet (“the book”).

Before the game, the rosters of each team need to be checked. The signatures on the rosters also serve as a medical release, therefore players really do need to be on the roster before playing.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of game officiating is the tone you set for the game.

It is easy to get caught up in worrying about where you should be positioned on the floor, who is counting the backcourt timing, or what is or isn’t an offensive foul, but …

By far, the two most important things game officials need to do are:

1. Make sure the game is safe, and

2. Make sure the game is fun.

Whatever other mistakes you may make, if you get those two right, the program will be fine.

Please stay a few minutes after each game to discuss with “the table” how sportsmanship points should be awarded. Points for Sportsmanship must be given with fairness and consistency.

If we are too reluctant to dock teams for poor sportsmanship, they will think they aren’t really accountable after all and we will encourage more bad behavior in the future.

However, if we are too eager to dock teams for sportsmanship, then we will provoke more complaining and discontent.

The key is NOT to “find a balance” — but to be fair and consistent — so that, on a case by case basis, the right thing is done each game.

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