2018 Young Women Basketball

***Young Women Basketball will begin in January 2019. Check back for updates!***

Click or tap here to sign up for Lakeview Stake YW Basketball.

YW Basketball Clinic – Tuesday, January 9, 2018  at 4 pm at the stake center.

Season Schedule – Games will begin January 16th, at the stake center, and continue every Tuesday through February. 

PLAYERS: Please be on time; if a team does not have at least 4 players ready to play by 5 minutes after the game time posted here, a forfeit will be declared.

OFFICIALS: Please check in to the table at least 5 minutes prior to the listed game time.

COACHES: Please note that a completed Roster Form must be submitted prior to the game.

The signatures on the roster form also serve as medical releases, therefore players cannot play without a signature on the signed roster form.


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