2022 Men’s Basketball

Congratulations to the 8th Ward for winning the 2022 Lakeview Stake Basketball Championship.

A big thanks to all those who participated this season.


We will have a double-elimination stake tournament beginning after the season. Only the top 6 teams will qualify. Games 1-4 will be played on March 15, Games 5-7 on March 22, and Games 8-10 on March 29.


Men's Tournament Schedule

   Home Away
Tuesday, March 15th6:00 pmGame 1(#3) 2nd Ward - Wvs(#6) 9th Branch - L
7:05 pmGame 2(#4) 1st Ward - Wvs(#5) 10th Branch - L
8:10 pmGame 3(#1) 8th Ward - Wvs(WG2) 1st Ward - L
9:15 pmGame 4(#2) 5th Ward - Wvs(WG1) 2nd Ward - L
Tuesday, March 22th7:05 pmGame 5(LG3) 1st Ward - Wvs(LG1) 9th Branch - L
8:10 pmGame 6(LG4) 2nd Ward - Wvs(LG2) 10th Branch - L
9:15 pmGame 7(WG3) 8th Ward - Wvs(WG4) 5th Ward - L
Tuesday, March 29th7:05 pmGame 8(WG6) 2nd Ward - Wvs(WG5) 1st Ward - L
8:10 pmGame 9(LG7) 5th Ward - Wvs(WG8) 2nd Ward -L
9:15 pmGame 10 (Championship)(WG7) 8th Ward -Wvs(WG9) 5th Ward -L


1st Place8th Ward6-254 pts20 pts16 pts18 ptsHead-to-head
2nd Place5th Ward6-254 pts20 pts16 pts18 pts
3rd Place2nd Ward6-251 pts20 pts16 pts15 pts
4th Place1st Ward4-450 pts16 pts16 pts18 pts
5th Place10th Branch3-548 pts14 pts16 pts18 ptsHead-to-head
6th Place9th Branch4-448 pts16 pts16 pts16 pts
7th Place4th Ward4-444 pts12 pts14 pts18 pts
8th Place6th Ward1-743 pts9 pts16 pts18 pts
9th Place3/7/11 Wards2-625 pts9 pts12 pts4 pts

Standings will be updated periodically. If you notice a discrepancy in the standings, please ask your team representative to contact the Stake Sports Director for clarification and resolution.

Tie-breakers for standings will be as follows:

  1. Total Team Points
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Record
  4. Competition Points 
  5. Sportsmanship Points
  6. Participation Points
  7. Competition Points beginning with most recent week and working backwards


The season consists of 9 weeks from January 11 – March 8, with each team playing each other once and each team having a bye, during which they will be assigned referee duty. Only the top 6 teams will qualify for a double-elimination tournament from March 15 – 29.

Game times each week will be 6:00, 7:05, 8:10, and 9:15. This is to allow adequate time to complete each game while still allowing warmup time for the next game.

TimeWeek 1 January 11  PointsEarnedNotes
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM6 (F)*vs8 (W)5 (+4)+2+5*6th swapped with 9th due to forfeit
7:05 PM4 (F)vs2 (W)5 (+4)+2+5
8:10 PM10 (W)vs9 (L)*5 (+4)+5+3*6th swapped with 9th due to forfeit
9:15 PM3/7/11 (L)vs1 (W)5 (+4)+3+5
BYE - (Refs)5
Week 2January 18
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM2 (L)vs5 (W)6 (+4)+3+5
7:05 PM1 (L)vs4 (W)6 (+4)+3+5
8:10 PM8 (W)vs10 (L) 6 (+4)+5+3
9:15 PM9 (W)vs3/7/11 (L)6 (+4)+5+3
BYE - (Refs)6
Week 3January 25
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM6 (W)vs4 (F)10 (+4)+5+2
7:05 PM1 (W)vs9 (L)10 (+4)+5+3
8:10 PM5 (W)vs3/7/11 (L)10 (+4)+5+3
9:15 PM2 (W)vs8 (L)10 (+4)+5+3
BYE - (Refs)10
Week 4February 1
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM3/7/11 (W)vs10 (L)2 (+1)+5+33 OT + Shoot Off
7:05 PM8 (W)vs5 (L)2 (+4)+5+3
8:10 PM6 (L)vs1 (W)2 (+4)+3+5
9:15 PM4 (W)vs9 (L)2 (+4)+5+3
BYE - (Refs)2
Week 5February 8
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM8 (W)vs1 (L)4 (+4)+5+3
7:05 PM3/7/11 (W)vs6 (L)4 (+4)+5+3
8:10 PM9 (W)vs2 (L)4 (+4)+5+3
9:15 PM10 (L)vs5 (W)4 (+4)+3+5
BYE - (Refs)4
Week 6February 15
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM2 (W)vs3/7/11 (F)1 (+4)+5+2
7:05 PM10 (W)vs6 (L)1 (+4)+5+3*Game changed from original schedule
8:10 PM5 (W)vs4 (F)1 (+4)+5+2
9:15 PM9 (L)vs8 (W)1 (+4)+3+5*Game changed from original schedule
BYE - (Refs)1
Week 7February 22
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM1 (L)vs5 (W)3/7/11 (+1)+3+5
7:05 PM9 (W)vs6 (L)3/7/11 (+1)+5+3
8:10 PM4 (W)vs8 (L)3/7/11 (+1)+5+3
9:15 PM2 (W)vs10 (L)3/7/11 (+1)+5+3
BYE - (Refs)3/7/11
Week 8March 1
HOMEAwayRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM6 (L)vs2 (W)8 (+4)+3+5
7:05 PM10 (L)vs1 (W)8 (+4)+3+5OT
8:10 PM5 (L)vs9 (W)8 (+4)+3+5
9:15 PM3/7/11 (F)vs4 (W)8 (+4)+0+5
BYE - (Refs)8
Week 9March 8
HOMEAWAYRefs (2 per game)
6:00 PM4 (F)vs10 (W)9 (+4)+0+5
7:05 PM8 (W)vs3/7/11 (F)9 (+4)+5+0
8:10 PM1 (L)vs2 (W)9 (+4)+3+5
9:15 PM5 (W)vs6 (L)9 (+4)+5+3
BYE - (Refs)9


Teams are determined by ward/branch boundaries within the stake. Each ward/branch has its own team except for 3rd, 7th, and 11th, which are combining into a single team. The resulting number of teams is 9.

Anybody from your quorum is eligible to play as well as any non-members within your ward boundaries that wishes to participate. This year we will also allow 17 year-old high school seniors with the approval of their parents. In all cases, participants must not be part of a high school or college team and all participants will need to be approved by your bishopric. For the complete eligibility requirements, please refer to https://churchball.info/eligibility/ and the roster information http://churchball.info/pdf/OremWestRoster2a.pdf


A pre-season coaches meeting was held on January 4, 2022 at 7:00 PM at the stake center. Teams represented at the meeting earned 2 extra contribution points.


To qualify for the stake tournament, teams earn Team Points via wins, good sportsmanship and by contributing to the stake program by providing game officials as scheduled below.

Obviously if all teams practice good sportsmanship and contribute to the stake sports program by providing game officials each week, then qualifying will come down to each team’s win/loss record.

Competition points:

3 = Win
1 = Loss
0 = Forfeit

Sportsmanship points:

2 = Good Sportsmanship
1 = Corrected sportsmanship incidents
0 = Poor sportsmanship

Sportsmanship points are recommended by game officials, but the final determination is made by the Stake Sports Director.

Contribution points:

2 = Attendance by team representative at pre-season Coaches Meeting on Jan 4, 2022.

2 = Game official provided when scheduled
-1 = Game official not provided when scheduled.

The points for providing game officials are per game and per assignment. For example, if a team is required to provide 2 officials for 4 games in one night, they could earn 16 points for providing the full slate of officials, or could lose 8 points for ignoring their assignment altogether.


Game rules will follow the UHSAA standard rules with the following changes:

CLOCK: There will be (4) eight minute quarters. Times may be adjusted as needed to as low as 6:00, including mid-game, to keep game schedules on track. A running clock may also be instituted as needed to keep game schedules on track. Regardless, the clock will always stop during timeouts and on a dead ball under 2:00 remaining in the game with the score differential less than 15.

PLAYERS: Please be on time; if a team does not have at least 4 players ready to play by 5 minutes after the game time posted here, a forfeit will be declared.

OFFICIALS: Please check in to the table at least 5 minutes prior to the listed game time.

HOME TEAM: Home team is listed first on the schedule. Home team wears light-colored jerseys, provides the game ball, and says the pregame prayer.

CAPTAINS: Please note that a completed Roster Form must be submitted prior to the first game played. The signatures on the roster form also serve as medical releases, therefore players cannot play until they have signed the team’s roster form. Captains are also responsible to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols listed below.

ENDING THE GAME: Stake sports staff may also end a game early due to safety, poor sportsmanship, or any other factor which may affect the ability to finish out the game. A forfeit may be declared at the Director’s discretion on one or both teams.


All participants are encouraged to follow the prophet’s counsel regarding vaccination and wearing of masks. However, proof of vaccination and masks will not be required to participate. All participants participate at their own risk.

No one is allowed to participate that is required to quarantine per the CDC guidelines on COVID-19. Captains are responsible to verify the health status of their players prior to gametime. Please ask players to not participate if they feel sick, have a fever, or are otherwise symptomatic.

This procedure is subject to change as needed.


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